Species of the Month Bingo


**COVID 19 note: we do not advocate unnecessary travel for recording purposes during this time of crisis. We still encourage you to take part in Species of the Month Bingo, but please do so in a safe, socially distant and local manner, e.g. concentrating on your own garden.**


Each month SEWBReC asks recorders to look for a particular under recorded species in our "Species Of The Month" initiative. We have now curated these species into bingo cards. See if you can find all the species on one of the cards below!

Don't forget to send us your records, ideally via SEWBReCORD or the LERC Wales App.

For more information on the individual species, including how to identify them, take a look at all our species of the months.


Rainbow Garden Bingo (for children)

Suitable for young children, use this sheet to discover the rainbow of wildlife in your garden. Download a poster and see if you can tick them all!

You can also download a worksheet for drawing your own findings.

opster worksheet


Spring Garden Bingo

Can you find these spring species in your garden? Download a bingo card and see if you can tick them all!



Year Round Doorstep Bingo

Can you find these species on your doorstep? Download a bingo sheet and see if you can tick them all!