SEWBReC Species of the Month


*COVID 19 note: Please carry out your wildlife recording, including Species of the Month, in a safe and socially distant manner. Please do not travel to record during lockdown.*


Each month we ask recorders to look for common yet overlooked species, in hopes of filling in the gaps in our maps! Sign up to the SEWBReC email list to get details of new squares and species direct to your inbox.

August 2021: Green Leafhopper


July 2021: Essex Skipper


May 2021: Bluebell Rust


April 2021: Moschatel


March 2021: Green Shieldbug


December 2020/January 2021: Bullfinch


October/November 2020: Red Admiral


September 2020: Dark Bush-cricket


July 2020: Swollen-thighed Beetle


June 2020: Hedgehog


May 2020: Rosy Woodlouse


April 2020: Grey-cushioned Grimmia


March 2020: Ivy-leaved Toadflax


Jan/Feb 2020: Trioza centranthi


Oct/Nov 2019: Blackening Waxcap


August 2019: Frogbit


July 2019: Grypocoris stysi


June 2019: Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary


May 2019: Nursery Web Spider


April 2019: Hairy-footed Flower Bee


March 2019: Gorse Weevil


February 2019: Butterbur


January 2019: Bartheletia paradoxa


October 2018: Autumn Hawkbit


September 2018: Ivy Bee


August 2018: Horse-Chestnut Leaf-Miner


May 2018: Ramsons Hoverfly


April 2018: Tipula rufina


March 2018: Brimstone Butterfly


Jan/Feb 2018: Common Frog


Nov/Dec 2017: Cobalt Crust


Sept/Oct 2017: Traveller's Joy


August 2017: Large Pied Hoverfly


July 2017: Oak Bush-Cricket


June 2017: Japanese Knotweed


May 2017: Cockchafer


April 2017: Thornback Ray


March 2017: European Hare


Jan/Feb 2017: Girdled Snail


Nov/Dec 2016: Holly Leaf miner


October 2016: Stump Puffball


September 2016: Small Tortoiseshell


August 2016: Bladder Campion


July 2016: House Martin


June 2016: Slow-worm


May 2016: Dark-edged Bee-fly


April 2016: Wild Garlic


March 2016: Cellar Spider


Jan/Feb 2016: Mole


Nov/Dec 2015: Candlesnuff Fungus


Sep/Oct 2015: Silverfish


August 2015: Common Earwig


July 2015: Golden-Ringed Dragonfly


June 2015: Common Swift


May 2015: Tree Bumblebee


April 2015: Rabbit


March 2015: Daisy


Jan/Feb 2015: Hazel


Nov/Dec 2014: Mistletoe


October 2014: Garden Orb Spider


September 2014: Himalayan Balsam


August 2014: Brown Garden Snail