Our Services


SEWBReC delivers a range of services to both its data suppliers (individual recorders, local recording groups and partner organisations) and the users of its data products and services (including partner organisations and environmental consultants). Our products and services are summarised in our portfolio.


Services to Data Suppliers

SEWBReC is reliant upon the supply of good quality, validated data from its data suppliers. In return for the supply of this data, SEWBReC offers a range of services to assist recorders. A menu of services is set out in a Data Exchange Agreement, which also sets out the terms and conditions of use of the data by SEWBReC.

Click to see the full range of services to recorders offered in a standard Data Exchange Agreement.


Services to Data Users

SEWBReC aims to offer a "one-stop-shop" service to anyone requiring data to help them assess the possible biodiversity implications of a plan or project. Our data products and services should ideally be accessed at the earliest possible stage of project planning, so that they can be used to influence new field surveys.

Follow the link for more details on the type of data products and services that are available to different users.


Services to Local Biodiversity Action Plans

SEWBReC has developed a menu of services for use by Local Biodiversity Action Plans (LBAPs). There are twelve LBAPs covering the SEWBReC area.

Click to see the full range of SEWBReC's services to LBAP Partnerships.


Survey work

SEWBReC is not in the position to carry out survey work, including bat surveys, in response to planning applications or other forms of development. Depending on the location of the development, you may want to contact the local bat group for advice
regarding surveys. Alternatively, simply use a search engine to locate a suitable environmental / ecological consultancy in your area.