Services to Data Suppliers


Our products and services are summarised in our portfolio.


The full range of services to recorders offered in a standard Data Exchange Agreement is:

  • Assistance with paper record computerisation or transfer of data between database software.
  • Provision of biological recording software (Recorder or MapMate), assistance with installation, basic training and basic technical support for users.
  • Loan of GPS equipment to aid accurate recording in the field.
  • Provision of free access to all relevant records held on SEWBReC databases i.e. those relating to the geographical area of study of the recorder or recording group, the taxonomic group/s they record and any associated species and/or habitats.
  • Assistance with production of newsletters or other publications (including e.g. production of articles or updates on the work of SEWBReC, or the production of distribution maps and status reports to accompany articles produced by others).
  • Publicity for the work of the recorder or recording group.
  • Notification of opportunities which may arise for paid or unpaid survey work.
  • Assistance with the identification of geographical gaps in coverage of existing recording efforts.
  • Provision of base mapping (where permitted by SEWBReC's Ordnance Survey licence) to assist survey efforts.
  • Assistance with professional archiving of notebooks, recording cards and other documents.
  • Provision (subject to availability of funds and successful application) of small grants to assist management of biological records.
  • Organisation of annual Glamorgan and Gwent Recorders' Forum events.


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