Species of the Month: Nov/Dec 2015


Candlesnuff Fungus: Xylaria hypoxylon


© Amy Hicks


Also known as Stagshorn, this small fungus favours dead wood, and has a distinctive appearance. The round stems flatten towards the end, and split out into antler like appendages, generally coated in white powder. These white tips are visible during late autumn and winter, making Nov/Dec an ideal time of year to spot the species. There are just 370 records of this widespread fungus in the SEWBReC database.

A more information on Candlesnuff Fungus is available from Nature's Calendar and NatureSpot.

This map on the Data Access Tool shows the distribution of Candlesnuff Fungus at a 10km square level for the whole of Wales. Zoom in or click on a 10km square to see the 1km square record distribution.

If you spot Candlesnuff Fungus during November / December (or see the species at any other time of year), please send us the record, ideally via our Species of the Month form on SEWBReCORD (nb. you will need to be signed into SEWBReCORD to use this link). Instructions on how to submit records are available here.