Species of the Month: May 2017


Common Cockchafer Melolontha melolontha


© Graham Watkeys

Love them or loath them, these large beetles can be hard to ignore especially as they are often attracted to (bedroom!) lights. Their unusual antler-like antennae and furry brown bodies makes this species easy to identify. They also have a large point at the rear of the abdomen, which is sometimes mistaken for a sting (the species is completely harmless to humans).

Also known as Maybugs, now is an excellent time of year to find these beetles; they are widespread in south Wales, though there are only 745 records in the SEWBReC database. You can view the Welsh distribution here on Aderyn. More information on Cockchafers is available on the Buglife website.

If you spot Cockchafers during May (or at any other time of year), please send us the record, ideally via our Species of the Month form on SEWBReCORD (nb. you will need to be signed into SEWBReCORD to use this link). Instructions on how to submit records are available here.