Species of the Month: July 2017


Oak Bush-Cricket Meconema thalassinum


© Paul Whippey

Probably the most distinctive of the British Orthoptera, the Oak Bush-Cricket can often be found inside houses and in moth traps, due to their nocturnal habits and attraction to light. Their bright green colouration and distinctive Bush-Cricket shape make them easy to identify. The only possible confusion species is the wingless Southern Oak Bush-Cricket, which has only been recorded in Wales once.

Oak Bush-Cricket are likely to be found throughout the SEWBReC area, but we only have 227 records of the species in our database. We are particularly keen to gather records of all grasshoppers and bush-crickets during summer 2017, as a new National Orthoptera Atlas will be published next year and we want the Welsh data to be a true reflection of the current distribution. You can view the Welsh distribution of Oak Bush-Cricket here on Aderyn.

More information about the species and other Othoptera can be found on the Orthoptera and Allied Insects website.

If you spot Oak Bush-Cricket during July (or at any other time of year), please send us the record, ideally via our Species of the Month form on SEWBReCORD (nb. you will need to be signed into SEWBReCORD to use this link). Instructions on how to submit records are available here.