Glamorgan Square of the Month Oct/Nov 2019



Located near Llantwit Major in Vale of Glamorgan, this square contains 20 non-sensitive records, and just 1 modern record (see the species list from Aderyn here).

This square consists of farmland. It has a lane and couple of rights of way running through it, including part of the Valeways Millennium Heritage Trail.

OS10 Map

OS50 Map


Notes about Square of the month:

  • Please take a common sense approach to recording in these squares. We do not advocate any form of trespassing, and please do not take any risks with regards your own health and safety.
  • All records are welcome, even the most common of species!
  • For a record to be useful, we will need the following information: recorder's name; date recorded; location name; grid reference (ideally 6 figures or more); species name. Please feel free to include extra information or photos.
  • You can submit records to us in a variety of ways; ideally via our online recording tool You can also submit records via email or post