SEWBReC Glamorgan Biodiversity Blitz Day 2009, Nant Fawr Corridor


Our first Biodiversity Blitz Day of 2009 was held on 31st May - a surprisingly beautiful and sunny day. The venue was Nant Fawr Meadows (ST187813), an area of common land in the heart of Cardiff, which acts as an important wildlife corridor between Roath Park and the wider countryside. Located below Llanishen and Lisvane Reservoirs, this area is adjacent to the recently designated SSSI on the reservoir banks, allocated due to the range of waxcaps found on site. Used by locals for a variety of recreational activities, Nant Fawr Meadows is an excellent example of the value of urban wildlife sites, both for the species found there, and for the people who live in the area.

Despite a relatively small turn out of 7 attendees, a combination of botanical and Lepidoptera expertise ensured a healthy result of 200 species, including 56 which were new to our database. The species list was greatly augmented by a session of tree bashing which revealed an interesting collection of creepy crawlies! The event also included an evening moth trapping session, which resulted in records for three UK Biodiversity Action Plan priority species: Diarsia rubi (small square-spot), Ecliptopera silaceata (small phoenix) and Spilosoma lubricipeda (white ermine).

This event was organised in conjuction with Cardiff County Council. Thanks to all who joined our efforts to add value to this under-recorded site by coming along on the day and helping to identify the range of species which utilise it.