Non-commercial Enquiries


Enquiries from members of the public or those using the data for educational purposes are usually dealt with free of charge, provided they are for non-commercial purposes*, and are in the interests of nature conservation.


We encourage the use of public access to Aderyn (LERC Wales' Biodiversity Information & Reporting Database) for non-commercial enquiries whenever possible. This tool allows public users to access LERC Wales data in the form of a species list for their area (What's in my Area?) and as national distribution maps for any (non-sensitive) species (Distribution Maps).


If the public tools on Aderyn do not meet your requirements, for example if you are a student requiring full access to a specific dataset, please complete a DERF with your requirements and send to The search results should be free of charge for reasonable requests.

Students should read this guide before completing a DERF.


*Please note that SEWBReC regards all forms of property development (including purchasing a property) as a commercial activity, and there will be a charge for any information provided (you can download the charging policy here).