Data Enquiries


Data Enquiry and Release Form (DERF)

Before SEWBReC can carry out any work on your behalf you will need to complete, sign and return (via post, fax or email) a Data Enquiry and Release Form (DERF). This form must be completed, signed and returned for EVERY enquiry you submit. No data will be released without the relevant DERF.

This document is available to download in PDF and Microsoft Word formats:

Data Enquiry and Release Form (Word)
Data Enquiry and Release Form (PDF)

Paper versions can be obtained from the SEWBReC office. Occasionally, we may need to amend the form, so please ensure you use the most up-to-date version.

Please see our guidelines for the completion of the Data Enquiry and Release Form.

Further information is available about SEWBReC's Services to Data Users.


Bat and Roof-nesting Birds+ (BARB+) Form

A simplified search for bats and roof-nesting birds is available, for those customers that only require information on bats within a 2km buffer, and roof-nesting birds within a 150m buffer. This updated version of the original 1km BARB was developed in accordance with the Bat Conservation Trust's 'Bat Surveys for Professional Ecologists: Good Practice Guidelines, 2016'.

In a similar way to a standard DERF, a BARB+ form must be completed and signed before any data can be released.

This document is available to download in PDF and Microsoft Word formats:

Data Enquiry and Release Form BARB+ (Word)
Data Enquiry and Release Form BARB+ (PDF)

The species included under the term 'roof-nesting birds' are: house sparrow, swallow, house martin, swift, barn owl, peregrine, kestrel, starling, jackdaw, pied wagtail, little owl, black redstart, wren, herring gull and lesser black-backed gull.

The data provided will include: records of all bat species within a 2km radius, and records of all roof-nesting birds within a 150m radius of the grid reference; plus a list of all Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) and Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) designated for bat species within a 10km radius of the grid reference.

Please note that there will be no quote provided for this product, as the price is fixed at £82.50 plus VAT.

In the event that there are no records in the search area, confirmation will automatically be sent via email and there will be no charge. If you require confirmation on headed paper or a report showing zero results there will be a small charge of £25.00 plus VAT.


Bat and Roof-nesting Birds (BARB) Form

We no longer offer this product, as of 1st June 2017, as it does not comply with the Bat Survey Guidelines.


Updated Search Option

SEWBReC are now able to provide an 'updated' search - a search just including records added or amended within our database since a particular date. This option is a secondary product, which is recommended for updating a SEWBReC dataset between 12 months and 3 years old. Potential uses include extending the longevity of a dataset for a long term project which extends beyond the 12 month period stipulated on the SEWBReC DERF.

Please note, you must always contact SEWBReC if you still wish to use a dataset beyond 12 months, as stated in our DERF's terms and conditions. The updated search option is a discretionary product, which may be offered for datasets up to 3 years old. After 3 years, a new data search must be carried out.

As a secondary product, the updated search option is charged in half hour blocks at our 'subsequent' hourly rate of £85 plus VAT. The exact quote will depend on the amount of work / data involved.


You can check that you are sending your data enquiry to the correct Welsh LRC by using the Welsh LRC finder tool.


Enquiry Procedure

Once we have received your completed DERF, we will assess your request and provide you with an estimated cost for carrying out the work prior to commencing any data searches (not applicable to BARB searches).


How Long Will it Take?

Standard Data Enquiries

We will provide a quote to you within five working days of receipt of a completed DERF. Once the quote is accepted, we will provide your report within ten working days.

During our busy periods, it may therefore take a total of 15 working days from submission to completion. Please make allowances for this when planning your enquiry.

BARB Enquiries

You will receive your report within ten working days of receipt of a completed BARB form.

Public / Student Enquiries

You will receive your report within fifteen working days of receipt of a completed DERF. Guidelines for students are available to download here.


Fast Track Service

If you require information sooner than the standard 15 working days and we have to prioritise your enquiry over others, there will be an extra charge of £100.00 plus VAT on top of the original quote.

The Fast Track Service turnaround is 1-3 working days from acceptance of quote. A quote will be provided on a same day basis whenever possible.

Please tick the Fast Track Service box when completing the DERF, and also state in your email that you require this service.


What Information Will I Receive?

Standard responses to a data request usually contain:

  • A report providing details of records of species within the specified search area, plus information on statutory and non-statutory designations within the area.
  • A Geographic Information System (GIS) plot or GIS layers showing the locations of the species records with their grid references and any designated sites within your search area.
  • A GIS plot of an extract of the CCW Phase I Habitat Maps (GIS layer for Phase I Habitats is not available from SEWBReC).


How can I Share/Use the Data Provided by SEWBReC?

Raw data must not be shared beyond individuals listed on page 2 of a DERF / BARB. Some plots may be shared, depending on the content. Data must be destroyed / deleted after 12 months. Please read our Guidelines for SEWBReC Data Use document (PDF) for further information.


How Can I Prove a SEWBReC Data Search has been Carried Out?

On occasion we have been asked how a consultant could prove that they have undertaken a SEWBReC data search without sharing the raw data supplied by SEWBReC. We now provide you with a unique reference number which you can quote in all correspondence and within your ecological report. This reference number will prove that you have undertaken a SEWBReC data search, as any interested parties (e.g. a Local Planning Authority) can contact SEWBReC direct to confirm a data search was carried out.


Tailored Responses

Responses to an enquiry can also be tailored to meet your specific requirements. The report and GIS plot will be provided as PDF as standard, and will be accompanied by high resolution JPEGs or GIS layers as requested. For larger data sets, we may provide species records as an Excel spreadsheet; Excel reports can be requested for smaller datasets but will increase the quote due to additional processing times.

The results can also be provided as paper copies, but this will occur a surcharge of £20 plus VAT per enquiry.


Charges for Work Undertaken

SEWBReC operates as a not-for-profit company and does not charge for the actual data or information which is passed on to users. However, we do charge an administration fee to cover the cost of collating, managing and disseminating the biodiversity information. These costs include staff time and the overheads associated with running SEWBReC.

For commercial enquiries, our current charges are: £110.00 plus VAT for the first hour, and £85.00 plus VAT for subsequent hours. Please see the 2015/2016 charging policy for further details. Unless otherwise instructed, we always provide a quote (usually via email) for undertaking the searches before we proceed with the work.

Charities or non-commercial organisations or individuals can benefit from a discount on the standard commercial charges.

Enquiries from members of the public or those using the data for educational purposes are usually dealt with free of charge, providing they are for non-commercial purposes, and are in the interests of nature conservation. Please note that SEWBReC regards all forms of property development (including purchasing a property) as a commercial activity, and there will be a charge for any information provided (you can download the charging policy here).

Invoices are normally sent out with the completed report, unless otherwise instructed. Please inform SEWBReC of any specific invoice details (purchase order numbers, invoice postal address etc) to help ensure a smooth transaction.

SEWBReC's current charging policy is also available. Please contact SEWBReC for further details.